Sunday is Coming.

Sunday is coming.
Resurrection is coming.

In the first days of this virus we stood in fear as the death toll began to climb and “stay at home” orders came out across our nation. Some mourned the death of loved ones while others worried about their elderly neighbors down the street. Our lives came to a screeching halt and it felt like being hit by a ton of bricks. Some people looked out in disbelief. They didn’t believe in the severity of this illness. They didn’t believe something like this could happen. But it did. The stock market plummeted, and we suffered job losses. If you didn’t suffer from loss, you were scared that you would.

The first days of this virus were our Friday. Friday was ugly. Friday was nails being hammered into the hands and feet of Jesus. It was a man walking to His death after being beaten. Flesh hanging off of His bones as He carried His own cross to the top of that hill. Friday, the people mourned the death of their Savior, and worried for the lives of His followers. Their lives came to a screeching halt. A ton of bricks fell down on them as they witnessed Jesus take His last breath up on that cross. And the fear. So much fear. So much grief.

But Sunday is coming.

I think we are sitting in Saturday. The horror and debilitating fear of Friday has begun to subside and sadness takes its place. It’s silent here. We walk out into our streets and even the birds seem to be singing a softer tune. An occasional car engine can be heard, but mostly you hear the whistle of the wind amongst the silence of the unknown. What do we do now? We have gone through loss, through heartache. But what now? Here we sit, often alone. It’s lonely. So lonely. Many of us are wondering if this life, which has changed so drastically, so quickly will be our new normal. Will new life come again? Will we be met by the warm embrace of a dear friend? And if yes, then how long? Or is this how the story ends?

Saturday was silent. Jesus was gone. You could still smell death wafting in the air, but it was silent. It was still. The sadness was unbearable as people pondered what they would do now. They had placed their lives in a Savior who was no more. He died up on that cross next to criminals. The people’s hearts ached, but what could they do? What should they do? Hope could not be found. Where did they go from here? They thought, “This is how the story ends.”

But it didn’t.
Sunday was coming.

And oh, Sunday came. It blew in like a fresh wind. Sunday breathed bright light across a dark cold tomb. Sunday brought death to life. Sunday came, and people were made whole again. And as our Savior stood and rose again, Sunday stomped on fear’s head. And it didn’t stop there. Sunday turned their mourning into dancing. Sunday resurrected their hearts and gardens sprung up where dirt laid. Sunday turned their tears into a fresh spring rain. With Sunday, came a never ending hope.

We may be sitting in Saturday, but we know that Sunday is coming. The streets will not remain empty. The day is coming soon where this country will be resurrected. Joy will flow out into our towns and cities and people will dance in the streets.

Sunday IS coming.
Salvation is here.
Healing is beginning.
Deliverance is starting.
Resurrection IS coming.

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