Saturday is Loud.

The silence of Saturday.” We’ve all heard the phrase before. The day after crucifixion; when hope was lost, the chaos had stopped, when everyone went home.

But I find Saturday is rarely silent. Maybe from an outward perspective it seems quiet. After we have experienced the storm of Friday, whatever that may look like- the loss of a loved one, the hurt of a broken relationship, or a casualty of sin- Saturday is rarely silent.

Because the day after, when hope seems lost, the chaos has stopped and we find ourselves alone in our homes that’s when the enemy attacks. And Saturday can be loud. So loud. That ever so small voice of the enemy begins to speak and slowly fills the room. He whispers things like, “It was your fault,” and “You’re better off alone,” and “You’re not good enough,” Your sin defines you,” and the one they heard about Jesus, “Your King is dead.”

But here’s the thing friend… 

Sunday came.

Oh, Sunday came. And Sunday shattered the lies of Saturday. Sunday rushed in with a fresh wind and yelled from the roof tops, “You are never alone.” Sunday shouted, “You bear the image of Christ,” and “Your sin has been paid for,” and the one they heard about Jesus, 

“Your King is alive.”

I think so many of us are sitting in Saturday today, and the voice of the enemy is loud. But it’s not louder than a stone being rolled from a grave. The whisper of the enemy only seems loud with no other sounds around.

So let’s get loud. 

Let’s disrupt the silence of Saturday, because we know how this story ends. The King is alive. All authority in Heaven has been given to you friend. 

So get loud. 

Let’s prophesy Sunday at the top of our lungs. Let’s prophesy Sunday over our Saturday circumstances. Let’s give Sunday reign over our lives, because Jesus is King. 

So Saturday might get loud. But it won’t be the lies of the enemy echoing against the walls. It will be the voice of family declaring the promises of God and shouting, 

“You are loved.” 

“You are treasured.”

“You are redeemed.”

“Sunday is coming.”

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