You Are Loved.

Most of us didn’t grow up with the thought of enjoying God. To obey his commandments? To serve Him faithfully? To read His word each day? Sure. I’m willing to bet that most of you who grew up in the church (and even those who did not) didn’t experience this first and foremost. But, THIS. ENJOYMENT, LOVE is what you were created for. God is looking down on you today, and adoration fills His eyes. When He looks at you, He doesn’t see the dirt of the day; the sin in your life. Those things are nothing. He sees you. And He says, “That’s the one. The one I love. My most precious child. The royal heir to my throne. My child, who has been washed clean. I see you as strong, vibrant, able to do the impossible. A world changer.”

We have this so backwards most of the time. We should be pressing in, so filled by the love of God, so paralyzed and overwhelmed by love, overjoyed by His wonders, so wrapped up in the bliss, enjoying His presence so much, so deeply that the only possible outcome- the overflow of that place is that we want and desire nothing but to serve Him, obey His commands.

Maybe this is why we have gotten “it” wrong in society for so long. Not only do we prioritize serving and obeying in our relationship with God, but also in our relationships with people. We look at them; we look at their sin and offer them a list of rules to follow, of ways to serve, instead of first pouring out into their lives, showing them that there is love and enjoyment to be had in this world, in relationships with one another. We should be creating a culture where we believe in people before they deserve to be believed in, where love in unconditional. Because that friends, is how the God of the universe loves you. So, how are you enjoying God today? Or as Breck Boyd often reminds our staff… How are your receiving God’s love for your life today?

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